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My Proactive, Preventive Daily Sobriety Plan

1.  Identify my potential “temptations” or trigger points daily.


  • What specific, practical actions will I take if I start to feel triggered or recognize that I’m in the early stages of a potential addiction cycle?  What will I do instead? Think in terms of:

  • Taking different actions (removing yourself from the situation, calling for help, walking away, etc.)

  • Managing and dealing with uncomfortable emotions

  • Redirecting thoughts, challenging distressing thoughts

  • Who will I contact? 



3.  Make myself accountable daily.


  • Who will I check in with daily (specific names)?


  • How will I check in with them (phone, text, email, etc.)?


  • When will I check in with them?


  • What will the check-in consist of? For example:

    • Prayer

    • Emotions check-in

    • Risks check-in: Identifying potential triggers for the day

    • Intervention plan: Describing potential intervention steps for the day, if needed

    • “Scoring” your “temptation scale” for the day, on a scale of 1-5. How triggered or at risk are you?

    • Accountability follow-up


  • What potential events could trigger me to want to act out today?



  • What potential emotions could trigger me to want to act out today?



  • What potential thoughts (memories, fantasies, or negative or self-critical thoughts) could trigger me to want to act out today?




2.  Make realistic intervention plans daily.


 4.  Meet core needs daily.


  • What specific needs must I be sure to meet today?

  • Emotional needs

  • Social needs

  • Physical Needs

  • Spiritual Needs

  • Other needs

  • What proactive actions must I take to meet these essential needs in healthy ways?



5.  Read recovery literature daily.


  • What specific readings (names of books, etc.)?

    • 12 Steps literature

    • Testimonials

    • Scripture

    • Other uplifting, motivational books

    • Could include audio books.


  • Minimum time each day (be realistic, but stretch)?


  • Time of day:



6.  Pray and/or meditate daily


  • How will I connect with God and/or my own Inner Wisdom today?


  • When?


  • For how long?


7.  Attend 12 Step or similar meetings


  • What meetings, groups or healing sessions can I participate in today, either “live” or virtually?


  • When?


  • How?


  • How will I be authentic and vulnerable with others?

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