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“Rich really 'gets' me, including many of the masks I wear and the games I play.  He speaks truth in love to me and suggests practical ways to approach the struggles and victories in my life.  More than a life coach, he has become a friend, and I will be forever grateful for the impact he has had in my life.”

Steve in Florida, USA

“My life coaching experience with Rich came at a time when I was totally broken and in danger of losing my wife of 28 years.  Rich helped me to see more clearly the reality behind my actions, and with his expertise and knowledge gave me hope as we worked together on self-discovery processes and setting boundaries.  I recommend his coaching to anyone who is searching for someone who will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.”

Glen in Utah, USA

“If you are looking for someone who understands your struggles, someone who can help you with every step of your recovery, call Rich. Combining his personal experience with his professional expertise, he blends pragmatic advice with ‘big picture’ wisdom. His help is worth every dime you may invest in his coaching.”

Dan in Arizona, USA

“Knowing Rich and working with him were some of the things that I consider amazing and enriching to my life. For more than two years he was not just my life coach but he has been a friend and a considerate mate who walked with me on my life journey. He has always been there for me. I learned a lot from him and I would love him to be my coach forever.”

Alan in England

“I very much enjoyed working with a caring, concerned, genuine coach such as Rich. Among the ‘gold’ I gained from working with him is easier access to my personal power through guided imagery.

“The greatest ‘gold,' however, is a growing unconditional love and acceptance of me, just as I am. As my same-sex attraction is fueled by relentless self-criticism, Rich planted the seed in me that I am good and loveable just as I am. I have since internalized the message, so that today I can and do love all men unabashedly as my brothers and equals -- which in turn reduces the sexual/romantic element for me.”

A.M. in Israel

“Working with Rich as my life coach has helped me to find more strength within myself and to explore possibilities that I was not aware of, that have benefited me. He has helped me on my journey through life.”

David in Europe

“My experience with Rich as my life coach has been invaluable.  He has a special gift for helping me reach my fullest potential.  I will be forever grateful for his influence in my life."

Tim in Virginia, USA

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