Inventory of Core Needs

“Core needs” are those things that humans need in order to survive or thrive emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually. Strong desires are not necessarily needs. They may be wants or even drives, but not needs.


A strong desire for wealth is clearly a want; however, peace (freedom from worry, fear, anger, etc.) may be a need. Sex is a drive; meaningful relationships are a need. (No one ever died or failed to thrive in live from lack of sex.)

1. NEEDS BEING MET: Note the 3 to 5 most significant areas where you are getting core needs met



2.  UNMET NEEDS: Note the 3 to 5 most significant areas where you are not getting core needs met




3.  For each of your most important unmet needs, consider: How have you sometimes attempted to meet this need in the past?


  • In unhealthy ways:




  • In healthier ways:



 4.  What could you do differently to meet these needs in healthier ways, or to meet them more consistently?


 5. What is it you really want, more than anything else?


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