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Breaking Free From Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

Popular culture would have you believe that if you experience homosexual attractions, those feelings are forever fixed and unchangeable. 

But the reality is that numerous men and women have in fact successfully diminished their same-sex attractions (SSA) and increased their heterosexual feelings and interests.


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They seek change NOT out of shame or outside pressure but because “gay” just doesn’t feel right for them – regardless of whether it may be right for someone else. It conflicts with deeply held beliefs, values and life goals.


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Your Higher Path Life Coach can testify from personal experience that change is possible. 


In addition to my own experience, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of men through experiential-healing weekends, facilitated support groups, and one-to-one mentoring and coaching.


So if you are serious about breaking free from unwanted SSA, consider working with an experienced and caring personal coach.


…Someone who has successfully walked this path ahead of you.


…Someone who can serve as a teacher, a mentor and accountability partner to encourage, guide and support you along the way.


…Someone who is as close as the phone, wherever you are in the world.

My approach to coaching is that you, the client, are not “broken” or “defective” but simply blocked by self-defeating behaviors, beliefs and feelings from getting what you really want in life.  I work for you – as your partner in self-discovery and personal growth, to help you develop a more powerful sense of your own masculinity, and to align your sexual feelings and behaviors with your personal values and goals. In particular, I coach clients in proactively pursuing personal growth in the following areas. 



These are actions that, when pursued consistently and sincerely, yield the following results:

  • You’ll experience more profound brotherly love.
  • You’ll feel more connected to your own masculinity and feel better about who you are as a man.
  • Your behavior and desires will be much more aligned with your values and life goals.
  • You’ll be more at peace and enjoy a greater sense of overall well-being in your life.

And with these changes, homosexual struggles diminish significantly, opening space for your full heterosexual potential to emerge or increase.

I’ll mentor you in each area of the “pyramid,” help you stay committed and accountable, encourage and support you in your success, and help you pick yourself back up if you slip. I’ll stay with you until you meet your goals.